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Shell Completion

When the shtab library is present, yapx CLIs gain the ability to export shell-completion scripts using the flag --print-shell-completion.

Install shtab using: pip install yapx[shtab]

For example:

Shell-completion Example
awesome-app --print-shell-completion bash

The above will just print the completion script, but the output needs to be written to a file in order to provide completions.

To do this for the bash shell:

Install shell-completions for bash
awesome-app --print-shell-completion bash | \
    sudo tee "$BASH_COMPLETION_COMPAT_DIR/awesome-app"

To do this for the zsh shell:

Install shell-completions for zsh
awesome-app --print-shell-completion zsh | \
    sudo tee /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions/_awesome-app

I use the zsh shell and have this function in my profile:

install-yapx-completion() {
  $1 --print-shell-completion zsh | \
    sudo tee /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions/_$1

This allows me to install shell-completions for yapx CLI apps by calling:

install-yapx-completion <app-name>