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0.4.0 - 2023-08-04

👉 Changes

  • Breaking: Default engine changed from threading.Thread to mp.Process [a3dc1af]

🤘 Other

  • Correct annotations and docstrings [7a2470a]

0.3.0 - 2023-06-22

  • rename from ezpq to ppqueue
  • replaced queue.get with queue.dequeue / queue.pop
  • queue.put is an alias for queue.enqueue
  • renamed queue.empty to queue.is_empty
  • renamed queue.full to queue.is_full
  • renamed queue.count_queues to queue.sizes
  • replaced ezpq.FinishedJob with ezpq.Job
  • job.output is now job.result
  • job.callback is now job.callback_result
  • wrapped Plot(...).build(...) into just plot_jobs(...)
  • use of enums to constrain plot parameter choices
  • bump dependencies



  • clear_waiting() function to clear the waiting queue.
  • Added stop_on_lane_error parameter to ezpq.Job to allow for short-circuiting a synchronous lane if a job in the lane fails. When set to True and the preceding job has a non-zero exit code, this job will not be run. Note that this is to be set per-job for flexibility.
  • Additional unit tests.


  • stop_all() function now clears the waiting queue and terminate running jobs. This addresses a bug where a queue would fail to close when disposing with jobs still in the waiting queue.
  • The default poll for the queue itself is still 0.1. Now, the default poll for get and wait is equal to the poll for the queue itself, as it makes no sense to check for changes more freqeuntly than changes could arise.


  • Removed functions has_waiting, has_work, and has_completed. Use size(...) for this.
  • Renamed Queue.is_started to Queue.is_running.



  • Added map() function to ezpq.Queue.
  • Integration with tqdm package for progress bars.
  • Added lane property to ezpq.Job. When set, jobs in the same lane are processing sequentially.
  • Added exception property to ezpq.Job. Stores the exception of a failed job.
  • Added suppress_errors parameter to ezpq.Job.
  • Added facet_by, theme, and color_pal parameters to
  • Added qid (queue id) to job data output. This can be used to facet an ezpq.Plot.
  • Unit tests.


  • Removed parameter n from the wait() function of ezpq.Queue; wait() will halt execution until all jobs in the queue are processed.
  • Moved ezpq.Plot() plotting parameters to
  • Reordered ezpq.Queue() init parameters.


  • Initial release