Yo! My name is Donald, a Software Engineer who likes to explore and simplify, well, everything. I am fluent in a few programming languages, mostly Python, sometimes Java, C#, Powershell, R, or whatever is necessary. I enjoy automating the shit out of everything, using technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, yada yada. In school, I studied Cognitive Science and Psychology. I was hell-bent on going the Data Scientist route for some years, and while all that has been hella useful, I find more enjoyment (and money) in creating and automating things as a Software / Data / DevOps Engineer. While I am a hacker, I also see myself as an artist; a designer blessed with enough eccentricities so that no single one of them bothers me for too long.

This website is my personal platform for me to shout into the endless void of the internet. I create various projects to learn, crystallize understanding, satisfy curiosity, establish expertise, grow my soul, and/or remind my brain that coding is enjoyable.

This website is built w/ hugo and is fully self-hosted in a Docker Swarm cluster. I build and maintain several projects and host the project docs and slides in the same cluster (built w/ mkdocs and marp). I also self-host Commento for comments, and GoatCounter for an estimate of page views.

This site is reachable from both f2dv.com and fresh2.dev.

Contact Me

[email protected]

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I don’t track you; I don’t log IP addresses. You can comment anonymously – until that gets out of hand – or log in with an email. In any case, I will not email you. Lastly, you can view the same page-view stats that I see:


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